To complement the quality products manufactured and supplied by supreme fencing we offer three services. A bespoke service to fit, shape, modify and manufacture to clients specific measurements. A installation service if you need your fence fitting by contractors with commendation and a local delivery service.



Supreme fencing will manufacture timber products to clients specifications providing we stock the timber. We can also add features to the products we manufacture.

Generally the cost of cutting a stock to a specific measurement is the product price plus 50%. For example if a product is £20, the cost of the bespoke service will be £10.


Due to the quality of the products provided by supreme fencing, clients that requested a fence fitting wanted to be sure the product used was supplied by us.

We have contractors that we can highly recommend to fit all types of timber fencing, there work is commended, completed to exceptional standard. Just contact supreme fencing and we will sort it all out for you.



Supreme fencing provides a local delivery service but it comes at fee depending on the distance from our merchant. Just contact us with your postcode and we will be happy to give you a quote.